1. Muhamad Ihsan, M.S., Feb. 2021
  2. Bellaria Putri, M.S., Feb. 2021
  3. Isfan Fauzi, M.S., Feb. 2021 (Research associate in SeoulTech)
  4. Wahyu Fadli, M.S., Aug. 2020 (Former research associate in SeoulTech, lecturer in Sumatera Institute of Technology, Indonesia)
  5. Sanghyun Kim, Ph.D., Feb. 2020 (WILUS, Korea)
  6. Hwanwoong Hwang, Ph.D., Feb. 2020 (WILUS, Korea)
  7. Andre Tansil, M.S., Feb. 2020
  8. Long Hoang Vu, Ph.D., Aug. 2019 (Viettel, Vietnam)
  9. Asaf Zebulon, M.S., Feb. 2018 (WILUS, Korea)
  10. Wisnu Murti, M.S., Feb. 2018 (PhD student in SeoulTech)
  11. Cong Nguyen Thanh, M.S., Feb. 2018 (NBWare, Korea)
  12. Fathan Pranaya, M.S., Feb. 2018 (WILUS, Korea)
  13. Nguyen Thi Thuy An, M.S., Aug. 2017 (Toshiba software development Vietnam Company, Vietnam)
  14. Hung Tran, M.S., Feb. 2017 (Viettel Aerospace Institute, Vietnam)
  15. Dang Tai Tan, M.S., Feb. 2017 (LG Development Center, Vietnam)
  16. Sanghyun Kim, M.S., Feb. 2016 (Ph.D. student in SeoulTech)
  17. Hwanwoong Hwang, M.S., Feb. 2016 (Ph.D. student in SeoulTech)
  18. Long Hoang Vu, M.S., Aug. 2015 (Ph.D. student in SeoulTech)
  19. Wayan Damayanti, M.S., Aug. 2015 (PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Internasional, a.k.a. Telin, Indonesia)
  20. Hermanto Chua, M.S., Aug. 2014 (Engineer at Syska Hennessy Group, Indonesia)
  21.  Yuris Mulya Saputra, M.S., Aug. 2014, full-time researcher by Aug. 2015 (electrical engineering lecturer in University of Gadjah Mada, Indonesia)