Wireless Networking and Optimization

  • Radio resource management in cellular/WiFi networks
  • Communication and networking in unlicensed spectrum; LTE LAA and 5G NR-U
  • Ambient backscatter communication
  • Single-channel full-duplex communication


Machine Learning / AI and Applications

  • ML/AI-driven problem solving for diverse applications
  • Meta learning, neural process, reinforcement learning
  • Deep learning for VR/AR/MR, data analysis, pattern matching, communications and networking problems, etc.
  • Motion recognition, sensing
Multimedia Applications

  • Virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) services over network
  • Low-latency and computing efficient services via cloud/edge computing 


Prototyping Systems and Applications

  • SDR (Software Defined Radio)-based prototyping of wireless communication and networking
  • VR service system with advanced motion tracking
  • WiFi backscatter system
  • Machine learning, deep learning-based problem solving systems